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“Collaboration is vital to sustain what we call profound or really deep change, because without it, organizations are just overwhelmed by the forces of the status quo.”

- Peter Senge

Transform your organisation

I can help your organisation develop new ways of working and relating that increase effectiveness, help you get past internal challenges, and discover new strategies to achieve the outcomes you seek.


This might include: 

  • Improving relationships and trust so teams can have challenging conversations and make better decisions

  • Learning to sense what’s emerging externally and internally (sensemaking) and to understand system dynamics so steps forward can be taken with more confidence and adaptability as you discover new strategies 

  • Find new solutions to internal challenges and patterns that keep the organisation from moving forward successfully

  • Develop new approaches to complex problems by building capacity in collaboration, systems thinking, and action-confidence

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My approach

The main methods I use are Theory U, Adaptive Leadership, Strategic Leadership (Stanford), the Inner Development Goals, and Compassionate Systems Leadership.

Contact me to
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  • Engage in a two-day workshop to build transformational skills in key Inner Development Goal areas as a step toward organisational transformation.

  • Assess your organisation’s capacity for transformational change and explore ways to shift mindsets to increase effectiveness.

  • Tailor a more extensive, longer programme for your organisation. Read about this on the courageous leadership page.

I’m happy to speak with you to discuss your specific situation.

Projects I've worked on

Green products and services Innovation

  • Green business incubator to develop four new products with 16 scientists – Union Carbide – Switzerland


  • Business plan creation for a solar panel business with 6 managers of  Sapa Group – United States


  • Leadership development and innovation in climate adaptation across sectors with 75 UN partners – Ghana


  • Mentoring of two teams of entrepreneurs in sustainable mobility startups – United States 


  • Researched solutions to reduce traffic in large cities for a government agency – United States


  • Coached and facilitated learning for CEOs and executives in strategy, innovation, design thinking, and organizational design for executives through Stanford University – Worldwide 


Sustainability Innovation 

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  • Facilitated a multi-stakeholder dialogue to align a green growth strategy with 4 ministries – Ethiopia


  • Created a network of NGOs, artists and leaders for the environment at the 1992 UN Earth Summit – Brazil


  • Facilitator in the sustainability frameworks course, Green MBA, Presidio Graduate School – United States


  • Developed an initiative to strengthen social and environmental impact reporting at the plant level - France


  • Co-designed a leadership development programme for executives in sustainability – Scotland 

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